Enduro Turbo-Clean

The Nations Most Advanced Line of Robotic Commercial Pool Vacuums

Robot Width


Weight In Water/Out of Water

4.4 lbs / 19.8 lbs

Cable Length

100ft / 30 Meters

Trolley Cart

Cord Caddy


120/240 VAC  50/60 Hz, 24VDC

Pumping System

Turbo Pump, 7132 Gal/Hr

Cleaning Speed

32-49 ft/min

Filtration Capacity

6.8 Lbs of Sand

Wall and Obstacle Detection

 Infrared Sensors, Tilt Sensor

Spot by Enduro is a fully automated professional robotic vacuum cleaner either powered by standard poolside power, or by battery. It precisely and quickly maps out and cleans the pool using APT, and enjoys a 33-year pedigree for durability and performance.

• Lightweight, Durable Carbon Fiber Shell

• APT Nav covers every inch of pool

• Cleans Quickly & Comprehensively

• Includes Sturdy Cart & Waterproof Remote


Fully integrated gyroscopic and infrared sensors provide automatic cleaning without any problematic moving parts for control functions. It automatically detects and avoids obstacles for trouble-free cleaning.


SPOT incorporates safe, powerful 24v submersible pumps and 2 durable filter bags, either 5 or 100 micron, in order to collect a wide range of particles and provide reliable secure cleaning.


Advanced gyro + infrared design combined with Aqua Positioning Technology provides precise navigation features normally found in larger and more expensive automated robotic cleaners.


Easy Use

Spot is equipped with a radio remote control for manual or automated control and a bluetooth app for additional true remote control, and access to cleaning speeds & modes and status alerts.

Spot 100

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